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Farming to processing – All in one place

All our Moringa Leaf & Oil products from Grenera Nutrients. The Moringa trees are planted in a herbal farm owned by Grenera Nutrients. This farm is more than 1000 acres and is located at the foothills of the Western Ghats mountain range in India. The handpicked leaves and the seeds are sent directly to the Grenera Nutrients factory for processing. The quality is ensured at every stage of the process. The factory has also been awarded quality certifications such as HACCP, ISO9001 and GMP.


Only the freshest leaves are used


We only use the freshest Moringa green leaves to make our Moringa Leaf Powder and Capsules. Our Moringa leaves have been harvested and handpicked fresh from the Moringa trees before the break of dawn to ensure the nutrients are not destroyed by the heat from the sun. A careful selection process ensures that only the freshest green leaves are used. This is the reason why our Moringa Leaf Powder has a nice bright green colour.


Very little heat applied during the grinding of leaves

Grinding of our Moringa leaves are done using machines that produce little heat to preserve as much of the nutrients as possible.


Stringent quality checks to ensure nutrients are preserved

Our Moringa Leaf Powder undergoes stringent quality checks in the laboratory to ensure that the nutrients are being preserved and not lost during the drying and grinding process.


Pure and unadulterated Moringa Leaf Powder

Unlike some superfoods, which can be highly-processed, our Moringa Leaf Powder is pure and unadulterated. We do not add any fillers or binders to our products. We bring organic and natural Moringa leaves from the field to your bowl. The 240 gram bottles contains only 100% pure Moringa Leaf Powder and nothing else!


Certified USDA Organic

All our Moringa Leaf Powder is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This USDA Organic certification means that the organic farms:

  • Do not use synthetic materials such as pesticides

  • Do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMO-free)

  • Receive annual onsite inspections

  • Preserve natural resources and biodiversity

  • Ensure the integrity of organic products from farm to market


Opaque bottles used to ensure freshness of Moringa Leaf Powder


We pay attention to every part of the process. We even pack our Moringa Leaf Powder in white opaque bottles to ensure that the powder is shielded from the sun and to preserve the nutrients. We would recommend that you keep your Moringa Leaf Powder products in a cool and dry place away from direct light.


Certified Gluten-Free

Our Moringa Leaf Powder is certified Gluten-free which means it does not contain the protein, gluten. Gluten is commonly found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, etc. Our Moringa Leaf Powder is suitable for those who have Celiac disease and suffer from inflammation in the small intestines whenever they eat gluten.


Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

The Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder, Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules and Grenera Moringa Teas (8 Flavours) have been given the vegan certification which means it does not contain any meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances.


Halal certified

The Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder, Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules, Grenera Moringa Teas (8 Flavours) are all halal certified and is suitable for consumption for our Muslim friends.

 We are currently brings in four types of Grenera Moringa products, namely:


  • Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder which is Moringa Leaf Powder packed into 240-gram bottles

  • Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules which is 500mg of Moringa Leaf Powder packed into individual capsules made from vegetable cellulose (Each bottle has 120 capsules)

  • Moringa Leaf Tea
    (Besides the Moringa Herbal Infusion Tea which is packed with dried Moringa leaves, the rest of tea (7 flavours) contain Moringa Leaf Powder)

  • Moringa Oil which is cold pressed oil derived from the Moringa seeds (External use only)

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